Harmatuk Construction & Concrete Services Is One
Of Upstates Most Reputable & Diverse Team Of Artisans.

With so many varieties of projects & directions for each project, the team at Harmatuk make everything easier on you... The Customer. Harmatuk is not only able to create what you need but we show you ways in which to invest the projects' time & energy to cover more than one thing. Working smarter/not harder is also the beginning of each approach we are requested to complete.

The Harmatuk team works perfectly together with the business &/or the home owner. Concrete is by its very nature a “raw-material” & when that is paired with ideas & objectives as a goal, there's few things that could go wrong. Harmatuk plans on building relationships with clients & companies in order to create a synergy that will stand strong & impress every step of the way.

Rhett is very reliable & talented and always
does exactly what he says he is going to do.
The workmanship is excellent & we were completely
satisfied with the result. Rhett has the abillity & talent
to accomplish a wide variety of projects...

Tom & Judy B.

As a real estate investor
and broker I deal with a plethora of
vendors on a regular basis. My
experience with Harmatuk was
professional from start to finish. His level of
communication was top notch and the quality of his
work is superior.
Rhett is my go to for all of my
concrete needs as well as my clients.

Frank Procopio Real Estate

In October of 2017, Rhett Harmatuk poured a
concrete floor in our 140-year-old basement. Rhett’s crew
came in and leveled the basement which meant digging down
up to 12 inches in some areas. They then brought in stone for
under the slab allowing for a Radon gas mitigation system.
The job went quick and his team was always clean and
professional.I would recommend Rhett to anyone looking
for a professional to do quality work to their home.